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  • Enjoy the taste of vegan cheese!

  • Mallorca´s Plant-based Cheese!

Enjoy the taste of vegan cheese!

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Mallorca´s Plant-based Cheese!

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100% Natural and Fermented in Low Temperatures

For the love of your Gut!

Vheese contains vegan probiotics that help our bodies intesinal flora function better. When our gut functions better it absorbs nutrients, helps prevent allergies and reduces our chances disease.


One of the best vegan camemberts that I have ever tried. Size 200g


Very well done vegan cheese, made in an artisan way in Mallorca. I ordered them through the website, which is from Mallorca, and they ship the products cooled and in perfect condition.


Vegan cheese brie-style. Wonderful, I love it with grapes or tomato chutney.